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Will (2015)

CD insert: liner notes

"There are just those few special artists who stand out and make you go 'Yeah, this one.' 'Will' evokes that feeling for me. This album is stellar with every song having hit potential."
- Dave Davis, Independent Share Radio

"Angela Predhomme is a breath of fresh air.  Angela's well-crafted, beautifully sung songs have a pop, almost jazz, sensibility to them.  They are a delight both to listen to and play on the air."  
- Will Stanley, WKZE NY

“In a crowded playing field it takes a unique musical voice to break through. Angela Predhomme has that unique voice.”
– John Schoenberger, Triple A Editor, All Access





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Let It Fall (2013) . . lyrics . . CD insert: liner notes


"Angela has found a way to weave her exquisite voice into the classic song structures from pop to retro-soul to blues to the Carol King inspired piano/guitar balladry of the early 70s. Oh, and it's pretty good fun, too!"
– Rob Reinhart, WDET Essential Music

“The songwriting is exemplary, and the tone is both joyous and poignant.”
– Brett Callwood, The Metro Times, Detroit

"Angela Predhomme's voice is a distinct treasure: one moment tackling soaring lyrical lines with grace, the next dripping with soulful sweetness laced with bluesy grit."
– Bree Noble, Women of Substance Radio

Let It Fall (2013)


Download Angela Predhomme's music on iTunes




Download Angela Predhomme's music on iTunes

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"Angela Predhomme's new album "Let It Fall"  has a fascinating new gimmick! It's called "Great Songs!"
– John Mullins, Senior Director, SESAC


"When it comes to Angela Predhomme, you can forget about indie singer-songwriter angst. Her feel-good songs are by turns bouncy, optimistic and from the heart – but not too sweet. The songs go down easy and with just the right amount of sugar."
– Roger LeLievre, The Ann Arbor News


Don't Wonder (2011) . reviews . lyrics


CD insert: Liner Notes

Contains "This Might Be Good," featured in the film A Wedding Most Strange


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Don't Wonder - Angela Predhomme

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Debut cd (December 2008) . lyrics

Angela Predhomme cd on iTunes


If I Could Love Like My Dog

Passing the Days

Everything is Alright

Just Like Magic

When I'm Gone

Transparent Eyes

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Nemesis, Too Much Time, Little Girl
Release, Georgia, Welcome Home





$10 + $2.50 shipping in the U.S. - secure through Paypal


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Don't Wonder (2011)

Wildy's World: "This is what it sounds like when a talented musician finally lets go and gives in to their muse."


Angela's debut cd (2008)

Awaken Music: "Predhomme drifts with ease and delights the musicians soul."

Wildy's World: "She comes across as sweet and innocent and real, kind of like the classic girl next door."

Collected Sounds: "Angela Predhomme’s debut is very promising indeed."



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