Wow! What a crazy week of mass media and wild weather!

Girls in animal hats

My girls, Clarice and Brie, trying on hats given by family as birthday gifts

Last week was intense. Some was in a great way, and some was in a challenging way. I talked and performed on live TV on WJBK Detroit’s channel 2 morning show (see below), a news story about my work was published in Gannett’s Livingston Daily and Detroit Free Press, and we celebrated both my daughters’ March birthdays. All of this was going on during the biggest power outage in the history of Southeast Michigan, due to a windstorm that knocked down trees and power lines in vast numbers. (read more below)


As we kept a fire in the fireplace and struggled to stay warm in the darkness for days on end, the only way I could know what was going on was from my phone, which I charged while driving (and warming up with the car’s heat). After 51 wintery hours that seemed like an eternity, our power finally came back on, and life got back to normal.

Throughout all this, I’ve been overcome by a sense of appreciation for the wonderful and encouraging people in my life. Some even offered their homes and showers during the power outage. Friends and family have been incredibly supportive along my musical journey, and I’m truly touched. One friend shared his lovely baby grand piano in his home for the news story’s video shoot, and then had a generator providing power as pine branches cluttered his deck outside from the brutal wind as the reporter recorded the video. So many others shared my TV appearance and news story online and spread the word. Family, friends, and music lovers near and far were rooting for me and happy for me that my work is getting some recognition and love in my hometown. I feel so lucky to have such great people around me.

It’s true that other music people can be competitive and less than supportive, and I have experienced that. But I felt none of that snarkiness this past week. I felt extremely grateful for the outpouring of support, pride and kindness toward me. So thank you, everyone, for the love! It’s awesome and inspiring!


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Shades of blue and gratitude

I feel incredibly honored that my song “Let It Fall” was chosen for a performance recently on the TV show “Dance Moms.” Daviana’s beautiful “Shades of Blue” aired the week before Christmas. Here’s the video:

I’m a little bit at a loss for words about this, which is rare for me. It’s one thing when a song of mine gets edited into the background of a show, post-production, or even when it’s in a commercial with some type of visuals. But when I watch this video, I see that there’s a packed live audience watching the dance in the auditorium, and then I think about the ratings for this popular reality show, which are well over a million (according to my 10 seconds of Googling). And that’s when the loss for words start. I mean, wow. I just don’t know what to say. I’m taken aback and humbled with that kind of spotlight on my song, and it’s amazing. I am truly appreciative that fate, through the powers that be, has shined a spotlight on my work like this.

“Let It Fall” is a song that’s sacred to me. It’s about despair and redemption. It’s deeply spiritual and cathartic. The writing of this song, in particular, felt guided by a higher hand, both lyrically and musically. I could “feel” the chords that felt right as I composed the changes in the chorus, and I’d have to figure out what I heard in my head by trial and error. And the lyrics were the same as usual for me, like most songwriters. I had a goal, and I revised and revised and until I was happy with every line and it all fit together and made sense, but with a sensuality or something special to it.

About this recording, I had done a simple piano-vocal in my home studio as a rough, thinking I’d redo the vocal after a band added tracks. But the producer suggested just keeping those piano and vocal tracks and adding to them in the studio, which is what we did. So, the vocal that was heard by so many now was the one I actually was thinking was a rough when I did it. There are a few diction things in the singing that I would have pronounced more clearly if I knew it was final, but I know it will only benefit me to back off of my perfectionism.

I can talk all day about how I write or sing a song, but the amazing thing here is that people HEARD it. I cannot express the gratitude and deep fulfillment I feel that my work is being recognized and appreciated, and that it is affecting people on a larger scale. And this feeling has nothing to do with money. To be true to myself like this, and to have it be recognized is a feeling that I hope everyone gets to feel at some point. I didn’t get to this moment by trying to be like someone on the radio. I just wrote what I love in my own style, from my passion. And that looks different for everyone. This is the biggest validation yet I’ve had for following my true self, and it’s wonderful.

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Why musicians are cool

Courage is the willingness to act in spite of fearIt’s no secret that people generally think musicians and singers are “cool,” especially young people. This perception has always fascinated me. For me, at least, it’s just my “thing.” Some people are naturally good at math, or at business or decorating, while others have a propensity toward being a conscientious mother or a skilled athlete. But why are the performing arts regarded with some sort of elevated status? It’s not like it’s a lucrative or secure profession for 99% of us, or it’s not like we’re out there being Mother Theresa. And let’s be honest; performing music seems narcissistic by nature, with attention-seeking egos and insecurity out of control all over the place.

Recently, though, a good friend of mine told me about her progress with singing, and suddenly it dawned on me WHY people hold music performers in such high regard. It’s because we have incredible courage and a tremendous work ethic. To make ourselves vulnerable, putting ourselves out there for all to criticize or ridicule takes guts. Most of us creative types are very sensitive people, but to let our skills be heard, and to recover from rejection and keep going takes a backbone of steel. It’s a weird irony. We get so hurt so easily, but there we are, out there offering our work to the public.

Then there’s the work ethic. My friend told me about how she has wanted to sing, and with her voice teacher, she’s been working on her vocal technique regularly. As a result, she’s improved significantly. The same persistence is true for any and all instrumentalists. There are no shortcuts. Years of practice and development are the only ways to get better. I always compare it to learning a language. Progress is incremental, but over time, you’ll gradually become fluent in Japanese or music or whatever.

It’s true that tenacity is a quality of most successful people in any area, and it’s commendable. But I guess what really sets music people apart is their courage to share their intimately personal talents with the world, knowing they might not be accepted. We bare our souls for the love of our passion. So to all my music sisters and brothers out there, power on, my friends. You rock.

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Free fallin’ west to California

What an incredible time I had in Ventura recently at the Durango Film TV Showcase! My husband Chris and I flew out from Detroit and enjoyed every minute of our time in California. The days consisted of pitching and feedback sessions with music supervisors, and the nights were filled with live performances. The other artists were amazing and inspiring, and I absolutely loved listening to extraordinary, high quality music for 3 days, and meeting the other artist/writer/producers.

Here are some pictures of our trip!

at Point Dume State Park

The Pacific

Sharing a new song




A breezy day in Ventura








My Gibson's maiden voyage on a plane





My camera-shy good friend Mary Ellen took this. It was great to see her!

Our group of songwriters

Lovely hotel on the beach

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Vote for the DMA People’s Choice award!

I’m honored to be up for a People’s Choice award for the 2016 Detroit Music Awards! Don’t miss your chance to get FREE downloads of hot new music from an array of talented Detroit area songwriters and musicians. You’ll see my song, “Living in a Love Song”among the entries. Listen below!

The good part is that your vote counts, but there are no robocalls, and nobody will slam you for your opinion (I hope not)!

VOTE HERE! Cast your vote for the Detroit Music Award for the People’s Choice!

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Thank you!!

Here’s my song that’s up for the award:

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Yes, Detroit!

Detroit skyline seen from Windsor, Ontario. (Chris Farina/The Detroit News)

This year I’ve done some traveling for performances and music business. I’ve been surprised about the negative reactions when people have asked where I’m from, and I’ve said “near Detroit.”

No, I don’t live in the city of Detroit, but I was born there, and my family on both sides has a history in Detroit. I wanted to live out in the country, so I actually live in Hamburg Township, a place that few Michiganders have even heard of. So, when I meet people from far away, I say Detroit, because everybody knows where that is.

The reactions about Detroit included things like, “Detroit? You don’t actually live IN Detroit, do you?” and, through a light chuckle, “Detroit? That’s still there?” Yes, it’s still there. It’s still here. And if people out there have forgotten the importance of Detroit to both the world at large and music history, that’s a pity. Henry Ford was a pioneer that changed the entire developed world. LA would be very different without cars now, wouldn’t it? Motown’s Berry Gordy signed amazing acts like the Jackson 5 in Detroit, and helped develop Michael Jackson, a major influence on today’s major pop stars like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder are cited as key influences by many others. Those artists only represent a small portion and a tiny sliver of time. There are many, many more, that go further back, and in different genres. Detroit has spawned amazing creativity that has gone on to influence our culture on a large scale.

From Detroit? Yes. My roots here are deep and solid, and I’m proud of the generations of my Detroit bloodlines. I think it’s not something to look down on or regard in horror, but something to be proud of. And as my music gets out there around the country and further, I’ll continue to say that I’m from the Detroit area. The people here are friendly, real, and resilient. Both historically and today, the bed of homegrown talent in Southeast Michigan is rich and remarkable, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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Finalist in songwriting contest!

Sometimes you just gotta throw it out there and see what sticks. And the powers that be at the Song of the Year songwriting contest liked my song “Extra Day” enough to make it the top finalist, one away from the winner, in the pop category. It’s nice to receive formal recognition from people in the music industry! This is truly an honor, because there are a lot of really great songwriters out there, for sure.

In celebration, I’m giving this finalist-award-winning song away as a free download. The mp3 is sent to your email.

Thanks for sharing in this honor! I’m proud of this song both lyrically and musically. I think it’s fun and cool. I had this idea — wouldn’t it be great to just be able to have an extra day, where the time was all ours? And then the challenge was writing a song that did that idea justice. And after several revisions, I guess I got it right!

I hope you enjoy this stripped-down acoustic, sweet little song!

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Not bad, 2015!

As this year comes to a close, my mind goes into reflection mode. This past year of 2015 was a really nice one for me as far as my music goes. Even with the usual obstacles of time, money and energy, I still managed to write, record and release another collection of songs called “Will.

This year I proved to myself that WILL is the answer. If I will it into being, I CAN make it happen, with persistence, patience, love, learning, and dedication to a high quality product. Naysayers and people who don’t believe in me are powerless. I write my own destiny.

The gradual but steady growth of my music this past year makes me feel humbly grateful. Download sales, streams, and views on my YouTube and Soundcloud sites grew significantly this year, and I’m flattered that so many people from the U.S. and all around the world are searching for and finding my music. This is due mostly to airplay through various channels, including some supportive DJs, TV shows and ads that featured my songs, and business music programming. It seems like my reputation in the music industry is becoming known and solidified, and the fact that people in high places are aware of my existence and respect my work is a reward in itself. Overall, the growth of my music has been quiet and understated, but definite. And because of this, I’m not only proud, but very thankful.

Thanks for a very nice 2015, and here’s to an even better 2016! Cheers, and happy new year!

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Recent placements

What a great few months it’s been!

I was thrilled that a talented little girl named JoJo did a beautiful dance routine to my song Epiphany on the popular Lifetime TV show “Dance Moms.” This episode premiered over the summer, and a lot of new people all over the country have been discovering this heartfelt, intimate song about my own struggles, and my realization that I just need faith. That the song is meaningful to others is one of the most touching and rewarding experiences I’ve had yet as a songwriter.



It always surprises me how these things happen. When I wrote and recorded “Epiphany,” I didn’t think it had “commercial” potential, and I assumed it’d be nothing more than an undiscovered gem at the end of my album, Let It Fall. But it turns out that this song has gotten more attention than anything else on that album! It’s so nice people are hearing it, because string players Nathaniel Pierce and Alan Tilley did a beautiful job playing the cello and violin, respectively.

Also, my catchy light pop song from the same album, “It’s a Breeze,” made it to the background of ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth” this fall! I’ve had several people tell me, “I watch that show!”

These recently licensed songs (above) are from my album, Let It Fall, and are available from iTunes and more.

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Song 9 – I’m Not Ready Yet


My girls

By far the most personal and emotional song on my CD, Will, is the album’s last song. A few of my fellow parents have told me that “I’m Not Ready Yet” brought tears to their eyes. Writing and singing this song got me a little weepy nearly every time I worked on it. I cried when I wrote it. I cried when I sang it. That doesn’t sound much like a happy song. But it is!

I could not be more blessed in this life than I am by my two incredible daughters (pictured at right). This photo was taken a while back, and now they are well on their way to becoming strong, smart, kind and beautiful women. They’ll be beacons of awesomeness in this world, and they already are!

About the song’s lyrics, they were inspired by a real event. Recently, I did find a crayon-drawn picture one of them drew at about 4 years old. And what I felt when I held that dusty old drawing in my hand became the third and final chorus of this song.

The video for “I’m Not Ready Yet” (below) is special. It’s a montage of photos of the children of my friends and family, along with my own girls, too. What makes this song so poignant is the way it ties us all together in a human experience that’s as old as humanity itself; the deep love that a parent has for a child is timeless and universal. And even though we cherish those days of tricycles and Sesame Street, watching them grow becomes more rewarding with each passing year.

Thanks for listening to ”I’m Not Ready Yet.”

I’m Not Ready Yet

You drew a picture of me and you
With purple crayon so sharp and new
And I felt richer than anyone
It said “I love you, from me to mom”
I read you books as you lay in bed
You had your favorites, you always said…

(Chorus 1)
Oh, come on
Please don’t make that the last one
Read it again like the last time
It’s too early for bed
I’m not ready yet

You rode the school bus and made new friends
Stacked up those Legos until they fell
You went through clothes just like water then
You thought the big kids must be age 10
In early summer, you got a bike
I let go as you held on so tight
I said …

(Chorus 2)
I… I guess that push was the last one
You needed me for the last time
You can do it yourself
I’m not ready yet

Now in the basement four boxes high
Near that old bike you’re too big to ride
That’s where your books went and all your toys
You had to save them, we had no choice
There in some papers of things you drew
I found that picture of me and you
And thought

(Chorus 3)
Ah, you never know it’s the last one
You never know it’s the last time
I’ll never forget
But I’m not ready and
Ah, you never know it’s the last one
You never know it’s the last time
Good days are ahead
But I’m not ready yet

Songwriter Angela Predhomme
©2015 Come Shine Music, SESAC

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