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My girls

By far the most personal and emotional song on my CD, Will, is the album’s last song. A few of my fellow parents have told me that “I’m Not Ready Yet” brought tears to their eyes. Writing and singing this song got me a little weepy nearly every time I worked on it. I cried when I wrote it. I cried when I sang it. That doesn’t sound much like a happy song. But it is!

I could not be more blessed in this life than I am by my two incredible daughters (pictured at right). This photo was taken a while back, and now they are well on their way to becoming strong, smart, kind and beautiful women. They’ll be beacons of awesomeness in this world, and they already are!

About the song’s lyrics, they were inspired by a real event. Recently, I did find a crayon-drawn picture one of them drew at about 4 years old. And what I felt when I held that dusty old drawing in my hand became the third and final chorus of this song.

The video for “I’m Not Ready Yet” (below) is special. It’s a montage of photos of the children of my friends and family, along with my own girls, too. What makes this song so poignant is the way it ties us all together in a human experience that’s as old as humanity itself; the deep love that a parent has for a child is timeless and universal. And even though we cherish those days of tricycles and Sesame Street, watching them grow becomes more rewarding with each passing year.

Thanks for listening to ”I’m Not Ready Yet.”

I’m Not Ready Yet

You drew a picture of me and you
With purple crayon so sharp and new
And I felt richer than anyone
It said “I love you, from me to mom”
I read you books as you lay in bed
You had your favorites, you always said…

(Chorus 1)
Oh, come on
Please don’t make that the last one
Read it again like the last time
It’s too early for bed
I’m not ready yet

You rode the school bus and made new friends
Stacked up those Legos until they fell
You went through clothes just like water then
You thought the big kids must be age 10
In early summer, you got a bike
I let go as you held on so tight
I said …

(Chorus 2)
I… I guess that push was the last one
You needed me for the last time
You can do it yourself
I’m not ready yet

Now in the basement four boxes high
Near that old bike you’re too big to ride
That’s where your books went and all your toys
You had to save them, we had no choice
There in some papers of things you drew
I found that picture of me and you
And thought

(Chorus 3)
Ah, you never know it’s the last one
You never know it’s the last time
I’ll never forget
But I’m not ready and
Ah, you never know it’s the last one
You never know it’s the last time
Good days are ahead
But I’m not ready yet

Songwriter Angela Predhomme
©2015 Come Shine Music, SESAC

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