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What a great few months it’s been!

I was thrilled that a talented little girl named JoJo did a beautiful dance routine to my song Epiphany on the popular Lifetime TV show “Dance Moms.” This episode premiered over the summer, and a lot of new people all over the country have been discovering this heartfelt, intimate song about my own struggles, and my realization that I just need faith. That the song is meaningful to others is one of the most touching and rewarding experiences I’ve had yet as a songwriter.



It always surprises me how these things happen. When I wrote and recorded “Epiphany,” I didn’t think it had “commercial” potential, and I assumed it’d be nothing more than an undiscovered gem at the end of my album, Let It Fall. But it turns out that this song has gotten more attention than anything else on that album! It’s so nice people are hearing it, because string players Nathaniel Pierce and Alan Tilley did a beautiful job playing the cello and violin, respectively.

Also, my catchy light pop song from the same album, “It’s a Breeze,” made it to the background of ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth” this fall! I’ve had several people tell me, “I watch that show!”

These recently licensed songs (above) are from my album, Let It Fall, and are available from iTunes and more.

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