Finalist in songwriting contest!

Sometimes you just gotta throw it out there and see what sticks. And the powers that be at the Song of the Year songwriting contest liked my song “Extra Day” enough to make it the top finalist, one away from the winner, in the pop category. It’s nice to receive formal recognition from people in the music industry! This is truly an honor, because there are a lot of really great songwriters out there, for sure.

In celebration, I’m giving this finalist-award-winning song away as a free download. The mp3 is sent to your email.

Thanks for sharing in this honor! I’m proud of this song both lyrically and musically. I think it’s fun and cool. I had this idea — wouldn’t it be great to just be able to have an extra day, where the time was all ours? And then the challenge was writing a song that did that idea justice. And after several revisions, I guess I got it right!

I hope you enjoy this stripped-down acoustic, sweet little song!

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