Shades of blue and gratitude

I feel incredibly honored that my song “Let It Fall” was chosen for a performance recently on the TV show “Dance Moms.” Daviana’s beautiful “Shades of Blue” aired the week before Christmas. Here’s the video:

I’m a little bit at a loss for words about this, which is rare for me. It’s one thing when a song of mine gets edited into the background of a show, post-production, or even when it’s in a commercial with some type of visuals. But when I watch this video, I see that there’s a packed live audience watching the dance in the auditorium, and then I think about the ratings for this popular reality show, which are well over a million (according to my 10 seconds of Googling). And that’s when the loss for words start. I mean, wow. I just don’t know what to say. I’m taken aback and humbled with that kind of spotlight on my song, and it’s amazing. I am truly appreciative that fate, through the powers that be, has shined a spotlight on my work like this.

“Let It Fall” is a song that’s sacred to me. It’s about despair and redemption. It’s deeply spiritual and cathartic. The writing of this song, in particular, felt guided by a higher hand, both lyrically and musically. I could “feel” the chords that felt right as I composed the changes in the chorus, and I’d have to figure out what I heard in my head by trial and error. And the lyrics were the same as usual for me, like most songwriters. I had a goal, and I revised and revised and until I was happy with every line and it all fit together and made sense, but with a sensuality or something special to it.

About this recording, I had done a simple piano-vocal in my home studio as a rough, thinking I’d redo the vocal after a band added tracks. But the producer suggested just keeping those piano and vocal tracks and adding to them in the studio, which is what we did. So, the vocal that was heard by so many now was the one I actually was thinking was a rough when I did it. There are a few diction things in the singing that I would have pronounced more clearly if I knew it was final, but I know it will only benefit me to back off of my perfectionism.

I can talk all day about how I write or sing a song, but the amazing thing here is that people HEARD it. I cannot express the gratitude and deep fulfillment I feel that my work is being recognized and appreciated, and that it is affecting people on a larger scale. And this feeling has nothing to do with money. To be true to myself like this, and to have it be recognized is a feeling that I hope everyone gets to feel at some point. I didn’t get to this moment by trying to be like someone on the radio. I just wrote what I love in my own style, from my passion. And that looks different for everyone. This is the biggest validation yet I’ve had for following my true self, and it’s wonderful.

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