Wow! What a crazy week of mass media and wild weather!

Girls in animal hats

My girls, Clarice and Brie, trying on hats given by family as birthday gifts

Last week was intense. Some was in a great way, and some was in a challenging way. I talked and performed on live TV on WJBK Detroit’s channel 2 morning show (see below), a news story about my work was published in Gannett’s Livingston Daily and Detroit Free Press, and we celebrated both my daughters’ March birthdays. All of this was going on during the biggest power outage in the history of Southeast Michigan, due to a windstorm that knocked down trees and power lines in vast numbers. (read more below)


As we kept a fire in the fireplace and struggled to stay warm in the darkness for days on end, the only way I could know what was going on was from my phone, which I charged while driving (and warming up with the car’s heat). After 51 wintery hours that seemed like an eternity, our power finally came back on, and life got back to normal.

Throughout all this, I’ve been overcome by a sense of appreciation for the wonderful and encouraging people in my life. Some even offered their homes and showers during the power outage. Friends and family have been incredibly supportive along my musical journey, and I’m truly touched. One friend shared his lovely baby grand piano in his home for the news story’s video shoot, and then had a generator providing power as pine branches cluttered his deck outside from the brutal wind as the reporter recorded the video. So many others shared my TV appearance and news story online and spread the word. Family, friends, and music lovers near and far were rooting for me and happy for me that my work is getting some recognition and love in my hometown. I feel so lucky to have such great people around me.

It’s true that other music people can be competitive and less than supportive, and I have experienced that. But I felt none of that snarkiness this past week. I felt extremely grateful for the outpouring of support, pride and kindness toward me. So thank you, everyone, for the love! It’s awesome and inspiring!


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