Wow! What a crazy week of mass media and wild weather!

Last week was intense. Some was in a great way, and some was in a challenging way. I talked and performed on live TV on WJBK Detroit’s channel 2 morning show (see below), a news story about my work was published in Gannett’s Livingston Daily and Detroit Free Press, and we celebrated both my daughters’ [...]

Yes, Detroit!

This year I’ve done some traveling for performances and music business. I’ve been surprised about the negative reactions when people have asked where I’m from, and I’ve said “near Detroit.” No, I don’t live in the city of Detroit, but I was born there, and my family on both sides has a history in Detroit. [...]

Song 8 – Dead Wrong

I’ve sung about how love is good and about how life is gonna be great. I’ve sung about epiphanies and spiritual renewal. But there must be balance in the force, right? What would Luke Skywalker do without Darth Vader to spar with?  Light needs darkness for contrast so that its own beauty and perfection can [...]

Song 11 – Soul Repair

This week’s song is one I love to sing, called “Soul Repair.” It’s number 11 on my newly released album, Let It Fall. This is a feel-good bluesy soul tune, with lyrics(below) that are basically saying “When things get rough, come to me, and I’ll repair your soul.” It’s a love song, really. It’s about support [...]