Yes, Detroit!

This year I’ve done some traveling for performances and music business. I’ve been surprised about the negative reactions when people have asked where I’m from, and I’ve said “near Detroit.” No, I don’t live in the city of Detroit, but I was born there, and my family on both sides has a history in Detroit. [...]

Recent placements

What a great few months it’s been! I was thrilled that a talented little girl named JoJo did a beautiful dance routine to my song “Epiphany“ on the popular Lifetime TV show “Dance Moms.” This episode premiered over the summer, and a lot of new people all over the country have been discovering this heartfelt, [...]

Song 9 – I’m Not Ready Yet

By far the most personal and emotional song on my CD, Will, is the album’s last song. A few of my fellow parents have told me that “I’m Not Ready Yet” brought tears to their eyes. Writing and singing this song got me a little weepy nearly every time I worked on it. I cried [...]

Song 6 – Vinyl Voodoo (feat. John E. Lawrence)

One of the coolest things about recording is getting to work with some really phenomenal musicians. This track, “Vinyl Voodoo,” features guitarist John E. Lawrence, who has a long and varied track record of impressive credits. For this song, I was going for a bluesy but a little exotic or African flavor to go with the [...]

Dziękuję (thank you), ING Bank Poland!

I’m really excited that my song, ”So Easy,” got chosen for a commercial in Poland for ING Bank’s mobile tablet app! My husband, Chris, grew up with a Polish grandmother, eating pierogies and noodles with sauerkraut at family gatherings. And I’m honored to have a new connection to an Old World country so rich with its [...]

The holidays -unplug, or not?

We’re almost to the new year, and I wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season! In December, I was hard at work recording this new song, below “Unplugged Christmas.” It’s true that life now is so different than it was even five years ago. We have our phones, tablets, and computers and it’s [...]

Song 8 – Dead Wrong

I’ve sung about how love is good and about how life is gonna be great. I’ve sung about epiphanies and spiritual renewal. But there must be balance in the force, right? What would Luke Skywalker do without Darth Vader to spar with?  Light needs darkness for contrast so that its own beauty and perfection can [...]

Film “A Wedding Most Strange” debuts in the U.S.

Today is a special day for me. The British film A Wedding Most Strange, which features my song “This Might Be Good“ in the closing credits, makes its debut in the U.S. today on the Here TV network. Here TV is a premium channel available almost everywhere, and is a specialized LGBT network owned by [...]

Life is Gonna Be Great!

I feel really good about my new single release Life Is Gonna Be Great! Click the title to listen. With an official release date of April 8th on iTunes, this song seems well-suited for Spring since it’s about happiness, optimism, hope, and renewal. Lyrics are below. FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD – Life is Gonna Be Great! Let [...]

What I’ve learned about songwriting… so far

They say life is a journey – an experience, rather than a destination. That said, I’m always one for continual growth and learning. I feel like if I stop learning and growing, I might as well just give it up, because I would be bored to death if I already knew everything there is to [...]