Vote for the DMA People’s Choice award!

I’m honored to be up for a People’s Choice award for the 2016 Detroit Music Awards! Don’t miss your chance to get FREE downloads of hot new music from an array of talented Detroit area songwriters and musicians. You’ll see my song, “Living in a Love Song”among the entries. Listen below! The good part is [...]

Song 2 – Natural

Song 2, “Natural,” on my new release, Will, is one of my favorite songs to perform live. I love playing this acoustic rhythm part, and the song just has a really nice laid back groove. It just feels good all around. My inspiration for writing this was that feeling you get with someone when you [...]

Music placements demo reel

Here’s a new demo reel featuring some of my TV and film placements. Thanks for checking it out! ______________________________________________ Follow Angela on  Twitter , Facebook & YouTube for updates! Check out singer-songwriter Angela Predhomme’s music on iTunes, and at  

Song 8 – Dead Wrong

I’ve sung about how love is good and about how life is gonna be great. I’ve sung about epiphanies and spiritual renewal. But there must be balance in the force, right? What would Luke Skywalker do without Darth Vader to spar with?  Light needs darkness for contrast so that its own beauty and perfection can [...]

Bringing it down to Music City

Hey all, I’m so excited to be sharing my songs in Nashville this week! If you’re in the area, please consider coming by any of the performances listed below. And if you’re not in the area, there’s a live webcast option for you as well if you’re kind enough to have an interest in my [...]

My take on the creative process

A lot of times I see posts online talking about creative blocks, how to overcome them, or how to get inspired. So, I thought I’d share my take on the creative process, and what seems to work for me with songwriting. For me, it’s really a balance of doing and not doing, of active and [...]