Song 9 – I’m Not Ready Yet

By far the most personal and emotional song on my CD, Will, is the album’s last song. A few of my fellow parents have told me that “I’m Not Ready Yet” brought tears to their eyes. Writing and singing this song got me a little weepy nearly every time I worked on it. I cried [...]

Song 6 – Vinyl Voodoo (feat. John E. Lawrence)

One of the coolest things about recording is getting to work with some really phenomenal musicians. This track, “Vinyl Voodoo,” features guitarist John E. Lawrence, who has a long and varied track record of impressive credits. For this song, I was going for a bluesy but a little exotic or African flavor to go with the [...]

Song 3 – Let Her Go

The third song on my new album, Will, is called “Let Her Go.” This is a song about acceptance and unconditional love. One of the hardest things in life, I’ve found, is being OK with both others and ourselves. We all tend to be critical, and think things like, “Well, I wish that person would [...]

Song 1 – Friday Morning Sunrise

One of my favorite songs of all time is “Imagine” by John Lennon. Its poignant message transcends the boundaries of politics, religion and all manmade devices that divide us. It’s deeply spiritual, as Lennon asks us to open our minds and think differently than the status quo that’s persisted for millennia. And that’s great and [...]

Song 5 – Could I, Should I?

A lot of my songs start out as a little musical bits that pop into my head. One winter day, I was going about life, and this cute, sweet little micro-song appeared in my head: “Would you hold your umbrella in the rain for me?” which ended up to be the first line of song [...]

Song 10 – Love, Love, Love

If  the song “Love, Love, Love” doesn’t make you feel good, I don’t know what will! This is a fun tune that’s more about the melody and the overall vibe than the lyrics. However, there is definitely significance in the lyrics (below): the message is simple and doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Love IS [...]

Song 11 – Soul Repair

This week’s song is one I love to sing, called “Soul Repair.” It’s number 11 on my newly released album, Let It Fall. This is a feel-good bluesy soul tune, with lyrics(below) that are basically saying “When things get rough, come to me, and I’ll repair your soul.” It’s a love song, really. It’s about support [...]