New music out!

After pages of notebooks with crossed out and rewritten lyrics, after frustrating times of writer’s block, after tons of weird voice memos of me singing into my phone, and after thoroughly enjoyable evenings of song critiques with friends and wine, I present my new songs to the world! I decided to call the album “Will” [...]

Writing the song “I Claim You”

In my last post, I wrote about the creation of my song “At the End of the 13th Week.” This week, I’ll share some details of what went into my song “I Claim You,” which is the 1st track on my recent album release. See the music player on the right to listen to “I [...]

New music released today! “Don’t Wonder”

Today, my new music becomes available on iTunes! In celebration of my cd release today (3-31-11) entitled “Don’t Wonder,”  I’m giving away a free song via the widget below. A cd is available from my website, and soon, my songs will be available through Rhapsody, Amazon, and many other retailers.   I’ll make a post [...]