Shades of blue and gratitude

I feel incredibly honored that my song “Let It Fall” was chosen for a performance recently on the TV show “Dance Moms.” Daviana’s beautiful “Shades of Blue” aired the week before Christmas. Here’s the video: I’m a little bit at a loss for words about this, which is rare for me. It’s one thing when [...]

Sonicbids success story

I was flattered that Sonicbids, a popular site for musicians and promoters, published the following interview with me in their “success stories” blog: Sonicbids Blog – Expert Music Career Advice For DIY Musicians How to Get Your Music on the Big Screen as an Indie Songwriter: Advice From Angela Predhomme Licensing & Publishing, Musician Success Guide, Music [...]

In the studio…

I’ve been busy! I’m excited to be recording for a new release for this summer (2015). I’m still tweaking some songs, and others are almost done. This collection of music is pretty diverse both musically and lyrically. Some songs take you on a little journey lyrically, while others are more raw emotion. Some of the [...]

Dziękuję (thank you), ING Bank Poland!

I’m really excited that my song, ”So Easy,” got chosen for a commercial in Poland for ING Bank’s mobile tablet app! My husband, Chris, grew up with a Polish grandmother, eating pierogies and noodles with sauerkraut at family gatherings. And I’m honored to have a new connection to an Old World country so rich with its [...]

Song 3 – What If You Came Back to Me

This week I’m at track #3 in the countdown of songs from my new album release, Let It Fall. I wrote this song, “What If You Came Back to Me,” from the perspective of someone in my life who was hurting because of a breakup. It was a while back in time, and now, when [...]

Song 5 – Could I, Should I?

A lot of my songs start out as a little musical bits that pop into my head. One winter day, I was going about life, and this cute, sweet little micro-song appeared in my head: “Would you hold your umbrella in the rain for me?” which ended up to be the first line of song [...]

Song 8 – Dead Wrong

I’ve sung about how love is good and about how life is gonna be great. I’ve sung about epiphanies and spiritual renewal. But there must be balance in the force, right? What would Luke Skywalker do without Darth Vader to spar with?  Light needs darkness for contrast so that its own beauty and perfection can [...]

Song 11 – Soul Repair

This week’s song is one I love to sing, called “Soul Repair.” It’s number 11 on my newly released album, Let It Fall. This is a feel-good bluesy soul tune, with lyrics(below) that are basically saying “When things get rough, come to me, and I’ll repair your soul.” It’s a love song, really. It’s about support [...]

New Release – Let It Fall

My new album is officially released today! It’s called Let It Fall. Here’s what people are saying: “Angela has found a way to weave her exquisite voice into the classic song structures from pop to retro-soul to blues to the Carol King inspired piano/guitar balladry of the early 70s. Oh, and it’s pretty good fun, [...]

Topping Internet charts, and what’s next

When the first one happened last fall, I thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool.” Then, when the second one happened, I thought, “Hmm. Interesting. I wonder what that really means.” Now, with this recent third one, I feel comfortable saying I notice a pattern here. Yes, in the past few months, my music has reached the [...]