Vote for the DMA People’s Choice award!

I’m honored to be up for a People’s Choice award for the 2016 Detroit Music Awards! Don’t miss your chance to get FREE downloads of hot new music from an array of talented Detroit area songwriters and musicians. You’ll see my song, “Living in a Love Song”among the entries. Listen below! The good part is [...]

Lyrics have come a long way for us girls

I grew up listening to rock and pop radio in Detroit, and since it was before I had a women’s studies class in college, I wasn’t offended by way women were portrayed in popular music. Maybe I should have been! But now, when I listen to some of those classic rock songs, I see that [...]

My take on the creative process

A lot of times I see posts online talking about creative blocks, how to overcome them, or how to get inspired. So, I thought I’d share my take on the creative process, and what seems to work for me with songwriting. For me, it’s really a balance of doing and not doing, of active and [...]

I’m Wearing Black: guitar with both skill and soul

Every week I’ve been discussing one of the songs from my recent album, and this week’s post is about a slow blues song called “I’m Wearing Black” (click song name to listen), which is track number 5 on the album (Don’t Wonder). With this song in particular, it’s more about the music than the lyrics. [...]

Writing the song “I Claim You”

In my last post, I wrote about the creation of my song “At the End of the 13th Week.” This week, I’ll share some details of what went into my song “I Claim You,” which is the 1st track on my recent album release. See the music player on the right to listen to “I [...]

New music released today! “Don’t Wonder”

Today, my new music becomes available on iTunes! In celebration of my cd release today (3-31-11) entitled “Don’t Wonder,”  I’m giving away a free song via the widget below. A cd is available from my website, and soon, my songs will be available through Rhapsody, Amazon, and many other retailers.   I’ll make a post [...]