Song 9 – I’m Not Ready Yet

By far the most personal and emotional song on my CD, Will, is the album’s last song. A few of my fellow parents have told me that “I’m Not Ready Yet” brought tears to their eyes. Writing and singing this song got me a little weepy nearly every time I worked on it. I cried [...]

Song 5 – Extra Day

Don’t you wish you had more time? Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra day of the week when you could do whatever you want, spend it with whomever you choose, and not have to worry about anything else? I had this idea, and I thought it’d make a dandy little song. So, voila, [...]

Song 5 – Could I, Should I?

A lot of my songs start out as a little musical bits that pop into my head. One winter day, I was going about life, and this cute, sweet little micro-song appeared in my head: “Would you hold your umbrella in the rain for me?” which ended up to be the first line of song [...]